Dessert Lounge

213 Chiswick High Road


Chateau Dessert

Established 2008 in Heston West London, Chateau Dessert has been creating desserts for private events, weddings, hotels, VIP flights and corporate clients.

We have commercial fully equipped kitchens with HACCP in place and a team of 40 people who are continuously creating beautiful products. Our chefs have combined experience of over 175 years and our Arabic chef alone has more than 60 years experience and indeed produces amazingly light and flaky pastry. People are our greatest asset and family.

We make daily fresh European and Arabic style desserts, ranging from small individual baklava to large 200 plus portion cakes.

Our Chiswick store is in the heart of Chiswick and a perfect location to sit and watch the world go by or to catch up with friends and family.

Our recipes

We use real and honest ingredients; you will not find powdered milk, cheese or eggs here. Only the freshest and best.

Puree fruit from France, Alphonso mango from India, vanilla from Madagascar, Mexico and Tahiti and our standard chocolate is Callebaut and Vahlrona.

Our cheese is deliciously full fat, however when the client wishes we can also work with a healthier option of ingredients.

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